Two operations were performed in Duran Canton on the night of 27th Sunday and this Monday, 28th March, 2022. The National Police And Prosecution 140 packets of drugs were seized from them.

The operation focused on two houses north of the La Delia Estate Canton Duran. With the help of a Trained dogsIn one house, agents spotted jute sacks with more than 100 packages Drugs. They also found Carton with chocolate At the bar

41 packages while staying in another house Cocaine. The Anti-drug agent They assume that the drug Disguised with chocolate To get him out of the country In containers From Exportable goods.

In the raid, according to preliminary information, two people have been arrested as alleged guardians of Alkaloids. Police are expected to report the exact weight in the next few hours Seized drugs.

Terrible violence in Duran

The Canton, a neighbor of Guayaquil It has become the focus Criminal violence, Point of sale Micro traffic And Illegal substance collection center. The Weapons recovered And the drug constant in Duran.

General Victor Hugo Zarate, The commander of Zone 8 of the police, noted that there was an “excess supply of drugs” for domestic use and drug trafficking. That is why the violence has intensified, he said. Zárate asked that Northern and southern border The entry of drugs and weapons on both sides of the country must be prevented.

Only Guayaquil Four people have been killed in hit-man style over the weekend. DuranWhich is also part of Zone 8, at least three violent deaths have been registered

The The second cable Police Isaac Lara Montalvo died at the cooperative this Saturday night. Fern, From Durán, after joining a wake. The men traveling in a taxi shot her and two others, who were injured Shooting.

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