More than 4,000 CTE troops conducted operations on state highways during the holidays. Photo: CTE

About 40,000 cars have left since then Guayaquil A mandatory deadline to visit the Guass and Santa Elena resorts, on the coastal road, via the Chongan toll. This was reported by the Ecuadorian Transit Commission (CTE)

Between Friday, May 20, and this Sunday, May 22, 10:00, 39,520 vehicles pass through this site. Guaquil-Salinas. During the same period, 23,318 vehicles returned.

May 21 is Saturday Holidays With more departures (20,736).

CTE specializes in this Seven provinces: Guas (except Guayaquil), Santa Elena, Los Rios, El Oro, Ajua, Santo Domingo and Manabi. In these jurisdictions, from Friday, May 20 to Sunday, May 22, 22 serious accidents were reported. Four were killed and at least 27 were injured.

The highest number of Dr. Saturday, May 21 Accident (12), Guam is the province where the most (eight) incidents have occurred so far this holiday season.

The CTE launched control activities for the holiday on Friday, May 20, more than that 4 thousand wearing uniforms On state and cantonal highways. There are 326 units in operation, including vans, ambulances, rescue vehicles and tow trucks.

242 motorcycles, scooters and bicycles have been added to this team. For control, according to Carlos Balarejo, executive director of CTE Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimit 303 fixed speed camera will remain active.

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