After recording heavy rainfall on Sunday afternoon, March 27, 2022 BasinIn southern Ecuador, several of the city’s water treatment plants have stopped working, affecting a large part of the city.

Kuenker Telecommunications, Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Company (Stage) Is known to have been recorded on the head due to heavy rain Tomebamba RiverPlants El Cebolar, Culebrilas and San Pedro Was damaged and the drinking water was cloudy.

The Lack or roaming The service will be registered until This Monday, March 28, 2022 at 12:00 noon.

In a statement issued at 10:10 a.m., ETAPA indicated that the El Cebolar plant would resume operations as water opacity decreased; However, the service will not be restored immediately as it will have to start with important fluid capture.

Meanwhile, the municipal company will supply beetle fluids by tanker to health centers and education centers in the first phase and urgently.

El sebola plant sector

Sectors affected:

  • American AV.
  • Verdelomer Ave. Heroes,
  • From Rafael Maria Arizaga, Daniel Alvarado Street to Armenilas, Del Rollo and Barriel Blanco Street.
  • AV. Remigio Crespo,
  • AV. April 12,
  • Wind,
  • AV Loza,
  • AV. August 10,
  • AV. General Eskandon, Free Fair Sector, Ramona Cordero, Daniel Munoz, Isauro Rodriguez, Carlos Arizaga,
  • Southern control,
  • 1st May Avenue,
  • Elizabeth Catholic,
  • Miguel de Cervantes,
  • Francis of Orleana,
  • Bartholomew Ruiz,
  • Manuel Coral,
  • Carmela is bad,
  • Louis Moscoso,
  • Taraquin Lamb,
  • The old road to Banos,
  • Manuela Canizer,
  • John Laria,
  • Manuel Quiroga,

Culebrela plant and San Pedro

All sectors are suffering due to lack of drinking water service Shingles and San Pedro They are:

  • Scratch
  • Mutual urbanization
  • Av. Los Cerezos and the upper part of Abelardo J. Andrade
  • Sugar bread
  • Carmen
  • St. Joseph
  • Christians help Mary
  • Carmen’s Crossing
  • Chiktarumi
  • The heart of Jesus
  • Pumayunga
  • Miraflores
  • St. Michael of Putushi
  • Sayusi
  • Buenos Aires.

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