Have you ever lost your phone signal when you need to make the most calls or text messages? This is a very frustrating situation. However, there are times when you can do something to make the device work normally in the “dead zone”.

These tips are distributed by the web portal ‘PC Mag’, which has been studying mobile phones for 15 years.

Put your phone in airplane mode or restart your phone

Cell phones are often confused about the network or cling to one meter away. The fastest way to solve this problem is to put it in airplane mode and wait about 10 seconds and then put it back on the signal.

This will allow your phone to search for new available networks to improve your coverage

In some cases, such as when crossing international borders or on public transport where the signal goes off completely, it is best to restart your cell phone.

You are holding your phone wrong

Believe it or not, holding your cell phone incorrectly can block the signal antennas inside it. An example of this is the iPhone 4, since its receivers can be easily blocked by hand.

If this happens to you, try to hold your phone with two fingers or block the case as small as possible. If you think cell phone cases do not block signals, then you do not need to remove them.

Need a new SIM or clean it

If you have had your cell phone for many years, Your SIM probably needs a good clean. For this, you can remove it and clean the metal surface with a disinfectant towel or a cotton swab that is moistened with a little alcohol.

If you have already done this and you find that your cell phone is not receiving a good signal, you need to call your operator and request a new latest generation SIM.

Change the signal between 3G, 4G or 5G

Your phone’s network is important because the newer it is, the more efficient it is at using carrier resources.

In many cases the phone only receives a weak signalWhich you can fix quickly.

To do this, go to ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Cellular Data’ and finally switch to the network with the best signal.


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