The Ecuadorian Transit Commission (CTE) maintains this Wednesday, March 30, 2022 Limitations For Light weight vehicle On the way JujanDaddyIn the province The rivers. Three sections of flooded roads have affected the sector for three weeks.

Despite the recommendations, sure Driver From Automobile Likes To stop Vehicles and To pay People who Push Car for Avoid breakage And Save yourself The The weather Extra for Alternate road. The The most damaged sectionAbout 300 meters, the height is Ecuavegetal7 kilometers of road.

The Water level Located above the knee Pedestrian And the layout of the track – underwater – can hardly be separated. Men wearing diving masks sink to the side of the road looking for a plate and some of it Automobile Relaxed by him Water. They then hang plates rather than business awards in the sector.

Trucks and certain long SUV-type sports vehicles were able to pass through this Wednesday morning the 30th. Buses and heavy vehicles Pass without difficulty, though Public works Clear the Lechguin from the road because they damaged the bus.

CTE recommends light traffic on highways Pueblo Nuevo-Simon Bolivar; Father- Samborondon-Guakil Or Baba-Salitre-Guakil.

Floods in Manabi and Los Rios

Strong Rain A part turned into a fast flowing stream Chone-Flavio Alfaro Highway-The frizzyIn the province Woman. Flooded roads and Limitations From Circulation Also affected He has passed From Vehicles Light in the province The rivers.

The Through Chon – Flavio Alfaro It was completely flooded on Tuesday night 29 and the morning of March 30. The pass was closed till dawn on Wednesday at 1 km of the section Carmen- Flavio Alfaro, Sector BananaPortoviejo’s ECU 911 reported.

Its equipment Ministry of Transport and Public Works Flavio works in the La Bramadora sector of Alfaro. The road is closed till noon on Wednesday 30th. In the meantime, it is completely empty Mud And Ruins In a section damaged by landslides and landslides.

Jaminton IntriagoIts mayor Flavio AlfaroSaid due to an overflow of a river Damming Water on the street. The situation has arisen Loss The main road was cut off from Canton due to the storm Guayaquil. It has also affected the way El Carmen-Santo Domingo.

Technician of National Power Corporation (CNEL) Recovery work Electrical service Interrupted by Flavio Alfaro Canton Sector Glide Which has affected electrical networks on the highway.

When ECU 911 Report The river overflows In the La Union sector, Canton brought Santa, Also in the province of Manabí. On Wednesday morning, the 30th, the fire service unit and the police took part in the emergency work.

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