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This week, one Driver It was The victim Of a Stole Inside his car, in the San Rock sector, in the center of Quito. The incident happened on May 17, 2022, when two people Take advantage The Traffic To steal his cell phone.

Within seconds the robbery happened. First a guy goes to the driver and Scattered. Then his collaborator Break The The window Stealing co-pilot’s technical device. Eventually the suspects quickly fled Race. This type is known as snatchingBujiajo

What constitutes that process?

The The police When said that Criminal They use one Spark plug Or a metallic tool that introduces one arm or half of the body to destroy one of the car windows Subtraction Wallet, cell phone or driver or companion accessories.

According to Police investigationThe suspects attacked Vehicles Is that so? Arrested In a traffic light or in the middle Traffic. After subtracting, they run away. This type of theft occurs within seconds.

According to official data, from January to March 2022, 79 of them were registered. Case Only Pichincha. There were 375 events in 2021, at the same time Province. In contrast, in 2020, 252 complaints were filed and in 2019 there were 299.

The way to manage

Agents who know that this crime track Suspicious Work in groups of two or three, in the largest area Traffic jam Quito. Sun Rock, Road NN.UU., 10D Augusto, Mariscal Sucre, La Y, La Napo or de los Shiris Points Plus Conflicting.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, most of the ‘bujiajo’ cases occur Evening And above all Friday.

Except The police The point is that criminal groups operate during hours Extreme traffic congestion Because they know drivers can’t Leave The Vehicles And after the response attack, the victims choose to continue the journey.


So as not to fall prey to it Criminal procedureRecommended not to leave bags, purses or laptops in the eyes of agents Seats Of Vehicles.

It is recommended to keep suitcases or valuables in it The floor Y. Do not use The During the cell cycle The Journey. Allows movement of vehicles during peak hours Criminal group Research The victim And attack for long minutes.

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