National police have arrested a driver accused of raping a Quito student. The company shared this information on their Twitter account.

Patricio Carrillo, the interior minister, explained that the man responsible had been arrested by police officers.

“Police have arrested a man accused of raping a Dillon College student,” the minister’s underline said.

The prosecutor’s office had earlier said that for the protocol Search School bus driver, principal Suspicious Of Violation Per Students.

The education ministry said the suspect was not directly involved with the campus because the school was responsible. Recruitment School transport. The state portfolio did not present company information Route In educational institutions.

In this case, the prosecutor’s office filed two complaints, the first one Relatives The victim filed a second Rector From college One day after the rape From students. The officer was under an administrative process.

The Prosecutor’s Office’s Gender Team has been with Victim and his family since the moment the complaint was filed. Public ministry authorities followed the victim student.

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