The Environment It was warm there NervesBut at the same time I felt Security Taking care of her in this way made her feel the labor of her first daughter, Pamela Chain.

For Recommendations Decided to support a family member CompanionFamiliar Dula. “It was a different experience from what women are used to hearing about childbirth,” Cadena explained.
My doula was with me the whole time it helped me manage the sensations. It’s not pain, it’s sensation, “said the mother, who gave birth a month ago at a private hospital in Quito.

The doulas No. Midwives No. Nurse Is Female doctor. Is Maternity partner Which seeks to empower women to take ownership of the process of motherhood. Them Support Inside The emotional part Y. Physical Continue, until mom decides. A midwife provides medical services and they form teams together.

Them Service They can be To borrow At home, in the clinic and also The hospital. They acknowledge their presence in the private sector, even inside the delivery room. Their access to public areas is limited, but they have entered as most of the time Escort.

“It’s time to integrate into our healthcare system,” said Maria Isabel Yanez, director of Ecuador’s training school Savia Materna. World Network Of Doulas.

The Activities To be certified as Dula It lasts six months and includes internships to care for pregnant and lactating women. At the end of the four-day retreat, they take the opportunity to “internalize what they’ve learned without letting their fears be transmitted” and to “heal their own stories,” Yanez explained.

He was present String From the third trimester of your pregnancy to delivery. She is a communications professional and has been with women for over 20 years Her primary goal was to prevent the maternity violence she suffered.

Such Violence It is detailed in Article 10 of the Comprehensive Biological Act to prevent and eliminate violence against women. Refer Physical abuse, Verbal, Emotional, Sexual Or inappropriate use of methods and technology.

For Yanez, the goal is for mothers to be free to decide what is best for their body. “You need to experience growth, not trauma.”

About this Anna Paulina CoronadoWho was inspired to be Dula when she became his daughter, near her 50th birthday Pregnant. For two years she has been working part-time with women at various levels Motherhood.

“There is no one LimitsBut the presence Dula As the baby gets older, it becomes less necessary, ”he says. In his experience, gilt is the most needed Support Y. Medium.

Coronado’s coordinator Dula Network Consists of Ecuador 40 women In all countries. In addition to their work, which costs USD 20 per session, they volunteer and do workshops at Casa Somos de Carcelén Alto.

Her grandson was born one year and nine months ago. His daughter Daniela del Castillo Not only her family, but also her things, her fragrance and her security made her feel very happy to be born at home and to be with her.

She decided not to go to the hospital after learning about the pregnancy and the epidemic only reaffirmed her one pregnancy plan. Doctor For birth at home. “There is a lot of dehumanization in hospitals,” he said. For this reason, he prefers to be accompanied by a Dula Certified and his mother was doing that to him at the time Practice.

Yanez, through Savia Matarna, has created a support network that includes a group WhatsApp Mothers with suspicion. She consulted with Del Castillo on the process of breastfeeding in the first postpartum month. “I had an inverted nipple and I wasn’t ready for pregnancy,” Del Castillo said. But with physical and emotional support, he was able to strengthen himself with her Motherhood.

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