13 year old teenager Dominica Stephanie Jacke Vinueza, Quito has been reported missing since May 5, 2022.

This Saturday, May 7, 2022, it was learned that the girl was last seen in that sector. Simon Bolivar School, Manuel Larea Avenue and Rio de Janeiro.

According to the Association of Relatives and Friends of Missing Persons in Ecuador (Asfadek), A 13-year-old girl with fair-skinned, black hair and 1.68 meters tall.

Through its social network, the organization has shared a picture of the missing teenager. In that publication he wrote: “Please, if you think you have seen him, contact 0995601228 (Asfadec) or ECU-911”.

Ministry of Government and Prosecution They released a search poster with pictures of the minor, his name and the phrase: “Help us find him.” The poster asks people to call 1800-CRIME (335486) if they see the girl or have information about her whereabouts.

Missing stats

They were registered from January to December 2021 7,722 complaints Disappearance 360 ​​people are still missing from that list. This information has been known in the statistics of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Province Guas Leads the province with the highest rate of disappearances nationwide. Pichincha and Manbi follow.

According to the latest official figures, in January 2022 alone, 598 reports of missing persons were registered in Ecuador. Of these, 511 were located and 87 have not yet returned to their homes.

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