The Serbian, already a six-time champion of the Four Italicos, has regained his game, body and spirit at a crucial moment in the season.

Djokovic celebrates victory in Rome
Djokovic celebrates victory in RomeFabio FrostasiEFE
  • Rome Djokovic confirms his great moment against Seatsipas and wins sixth title in Rome
  • 1,000 wins Djokovic, Connors, Federer, Lendl and Nadal at the club

After the scandalous episode of the Australian Open, where he tried in vain to play without vaccinating Kovid, applying for medical exemption amid the epidemic, there were many doubts about his professional future. Novak Djokovic. He missed his chance to become the 21st major in a tournament where he was a nine-time champion. Not only that. Two weeks later he saw how Rafael NadalAlmost fresh from the slope for a long time due to a foot injury which has now given him a bet again, winning the tournament and breaking the triple tie at the height.

Married at the age of 34 and father of two children, it was reasonable to think so nole Endured the trauma, that it would not only be difficult for him to compete again at the highest level, but also to recover an image damaged by the tragic events he had performed in Melbourne. Far from being corrected, he was adamant in rejecting the vaccine, which also prevented him from going on a hard court visit to North America. I reappeared before Dubai. He won two games and fell to Jerry Vesel in the quarterfinals, 123 at the time. He later dropped to No. 1 in the world for the benefit of Daniel Medvedev. He was never seen again until Monte Carlo, the city where he lived.

Tired, out of shape, he made his debut against the Spaniards Alexander Davidovich, Finally a finalist. Shortly afterwards, at Belgrade’s ATP 250, he suffered in every match until he fainted in the final set of the final. Andrew Rublev: 6-0. He arrived in Madrid with a low profile, a cautious speech and serious gestures. Slowly he was stepping in the right direction, until he fell into the quarters before pushing Carlos Alcaraz. Angered by the loss, he made a hasty and brief press conference, where he said he would pay the price for the tennis he played during the tournament after the disappointment of playing in the following days.

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After winning the Masters 1000 for the sixth time in Rome, for the second time without losing a set, Djokovic began to show the brilliance of his best time. Six days before the start of Roland Garros, no one will deny him the title.. Stefanos SitcipasThe guy who picked up two unfavorable sets in last year’s final in Paris can only clear the score: 6-0 and 7-6 (5).

“I was amazed at how I played the first set,” said Balkan, who has already raised his level in the previous two games. Felix Agar-Aliassim and Caspar Rudd. Perfect in service, with 70% overall in the first, which was 81% in that first set, and indifferent to the rest, which was always one of the best signs of his identity, he showed a sharp and creative game, changing reverse direction, only he knows how to do it Is to do.

Djokovic, 35, will appear as a member of the 1,000-winning club in Paris on the 22nd at the start of the Roland Garros, a record he reached in the semifinals against Rudd. He will do it with the 38 Masters 1000, opening a gap in the lead, with two more than Nadal. And his first title, the 86th title of his career, after winning at home in Paris-Barসa on 7 November.

This year, with everything that has happened in Australia, it has taken me a while to find my balance, both mentally and physically, he said after his seventh win in nine games against Sitsipus.

In the aftermath of the dirty tour, not forgetting Stefanos Citcipas, who restored his title in Monte Carlo and became runners-up in Rome, Only Carlos Alcaraz, champion of Madrid and Condডে de God, has a better balance than Djokovic. Waiting for its evolution after the annoyance before Shapovalve Due to his chronic leg injury, 13-time champion Nadal at Roland Garros could join a limited number of candidates for the title, although he only reached the quarter-finals in Madrid and eighth in Rome.

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