President of the National Assembly, Lorry in Guadalupe (PK), requesting that a date and time be set for a hearing on the security system he is campaigning against. Legislative administration (Lime).

Legal Coordinator ParliamentSantiago Salazar, said that Perseverance May be within the next 72 hours, after both parties fail to finalize a Compromise Judge Raquel Herrera of the family’s judicial unit requested.

“It is in the hands of the judge of the case, as it must understand that it is a jurisdictional process, with a constitutional guarantee, it must be agile, fast and effective,” the official said.

The purpose of the lorry is for the judge to declare that his rights have been violated. Rights For due process and legal confirmation, when the CAL qualifies for the Assemblyman’s complaint. Stephen Torres (PSC), who brought him charges of breach of duty.


That is the period of five days Judge An agreement expired yesterday. Llori refuses to accept First Vice President, Virgilio Saquicela (Ind.) And CAL members Darwin Pereira (PK) and Ronnie Alega (Oneness).

They sent him a letter to this effect, the day after they had not arrived in time for a call made by Lorry in the session room. Salazar He said there “they have shown that there is no desire for reunion.”

“It simply came to our notice then. It is up to us to decide what the judge will do at this moment. We hope justice does not lend itself inside Assembly; This is a problem of state power and should be resolved internally, “Pereira replied.

He accuses Lori of clinging to the position. “We have not violated any legal or constitutional process. As a result, we are hopeful that the judge’s actions can be overturned Protection Raised by the President.

Alega stressed that “most political forces have ruled that there should be no interference in the first functions of the judiciary. Condition

The Commission Torres has approved a work schedule that Lori will investigate the allegations, and will set a hearing date for May 20 for evidence and arguments. Maj. Chairman Dr. Peter Japata (PSC) has assured that nothing can stop this process.

The other two charges filed by Corysmore against Lori are pending CAL eligibility. The meeting could not be held on Wednesday due to lack of quorum; Alega requested a new call, but Lori assured that those requests had expired.


Meanwhile, the new coordinator of the bench Five-leggedSalvador Quishop has announced the reorganization of six self-proclaimed rebel legislators who split more than a month ago for failing to comply with the bloc’s directives.

Quishop Another resolution withdrawing said, ‘If the current Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is removed Lorry in Guadalupe No member of the legislature from Pachakutik can run for office. “

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