Keep a Input ceiling With which Bread One would be easier Talk – talk Popular with the unemployed supports the price of diversity, but it is not a solution. That is what the economic analyst has mentioned Xavier Orleana.

Last week in this sector Bread maker Has made this proposal to the government. After refusing to make a set New roof For him Popular bread, Without a consensus.

Last year, d Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries Unemployed people have already been told that this is not a “responsibility to regulate” Product price

According to Orellana, its resources Pricing Encourages sales quality to maintain quality. “The UnemployedSo that the losses do not continue, they will offer bread of the same price, but inferior or smaller, ”he said.

In addition, experts recall that policy Pricing It’s outstanding. It should be used as a resource to reach an agreement Productive sector So that the consumer economy is not affected, when prices rise, he assured.

This is established Biological laws governing and controlling market power. The law states that the president can define Public pricing policy Necessary for its convenience Popular cost. It provides that, in Food industry, Arrangements may be made for reference pricing.

However, the temporality of the measurement takes longer 10 years And this is a problem because of the constant InflationPedro Miranda says the former president Ecuador’s National Federation of Master Unemployed.

Input bread making, constantly increasing

Ecuador needs to import about 99% National demand for wheat, Since its local production capacity barely covers 1% of the cost, Orleana explains.

This input has been imported Expensive For Logistic problemsFrom the epidemic and for now Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine. Although him The price of wheat 70% increase, Flour prices rise 30% National marketSince the industry has tried to absorb a large part of the growth so as not to create a drastic effect.

The unemployed have done the same, with the price Popular bread, But other cost estimates Raw materials.

So, it is Unemployed Now they are hoping to talk to the government to reach an agreement. On the one hand they raise the question of production Raw materials, Such fats are intended for local consumption. And on the other hand, put on one Input ceiling Or easier Flour import At a lower price.

If not, Miranda assures them they will apply the increase Popular bread, Just as they did in the case of other breeds. He noted that the ministry had suggested this last year: “Prices should be adjusted according to the price of raw materials, without affecting their production process and their sales.”

Orellana considers it Government Alternatives need to be offered, in the long run Price stability Popular bread. Among them, d Deduction of duty Is Tax reduction Per Supply import.

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