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The Inequality Due to the year People Is called a phenomenon Ageism, Which can happen at any stage of life. Associated with the word Aging And is usually presented as Difficulty For Adult adults.

The Aging This is a process Natural. Each subject lives it individually and is bound to change. There is anyone who considers margins Aging Its age is between 60 to 65 years. In Ecuador, The last criterion.
According to this group is one of the main ones influenced by the age-old expression United Nations (UN) and d World Health Organization (WHO). Organizations are urged to change behavior and raise awareness of attitudes. Instead, each year they produce a report based on the problem.

How and why does this happen?

The Wrong match From Aging With Illness It creates superstitions about The stage According to Dr. Patricio Buendিয়াa, an aging specialist and professor at the University of Life, the tasks that adult adults view as symptoms of a lack of strength, lack of vitality, or illness are imaginary.

These actions may appear in the media, social and family settings. For experts, one of the most visible examples is the Covid-19 epidemic. This became clear when the criteria for medical care and access to treatment were allocated according to age. The head of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreissus, noted that the guarantee of health could not be conditional on the patient’s preconceived notions of the year.

On the other hand, Adult adults Upstairs Society When discrimination may occur Deny the opportunity Because StereotypeSimilarly, when they are excluded from the cause Rights And they have choices. In addition, there is a tendency in the family Marginalize them When I know them infantilizes In the contract and they are not allowed Wrap From Autonomously Y. Eligible.

Social impact

WHO maintains that Ageism May affect Health And the lifestyle of the elderly who enjoy it. Effect on Sanitary part These are detrimental to physical and mental abilities.

Illnesses like depression can occur, such as a Increased pressure. The stigma that the person assumes for himself, around his perception, can lead to poor health care and changes in the brain.

The Loneliness And To separate, Declining quality of life, increased premature death and other consequences of financial insecurity. The amount of these elements present depends on factors such as gender, race and disability, which can intensify the effect.

At the macro and global level, society also suffers because it hurts the economy. Losses can cost millions of dollars.

The data show that in the United States, the additional costs incurred by aging are USD 63 million in the health sector alone.

Avoid discrimination

One of them The key To change Discriminatory instances Starts from Education, Maintained by the United Nations. With it you can fight against it Undoubted policy And raise awareness Society About what actually entails Aging.

The International organizations “Global Strategies and Action Plans on Age and Health” have come together to combat this problem. At the same time, they consider the promotion and resolution of laws and policies Activities The problems that aging brings between different generations can be addressed.

Other suggested actions include: Investment Improving prevention strategies, information and research and Creation From Movement To change the discourse about aging.

Matches Buendía Proposal And adds that the information that is exposed to society will help to get the right idea about the elderly. Similarly, r Inclusion Exists from the original
Family activities are conducted Basic.

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