Jail 4, located in the El Condado sector, adjacent to houses, shops and even a shopping center. Photo: Diego Pallero / EL Commerceo

Periodic presentations and emigration are prohibited Alternative arrangements Which was issued by a judge on May 21, 2022 Carlos JaramilloDirector L. Incar Jail No.1, North of Quito. For the alleged crime of entering a prohibited item in this prison which he was responsible for.

On the afternoon of May 21, 2022, The prosecutor filed a complaint El Inca against the director of the prison “for the alleged crime of bringing a prohibited item into a prison.”

According to the prosecutor’s office, the arrest was made on Friday afternoon after the officer tried to enter the jail with a contraband.

The background of reality

According to a report, police in the Penitentiary Contingency of the Men’s Prison in Pichincha No. 1 (El Inca) conducted a raid. Prison control And from “intimate search” Carlos JaramilloFriday, May 20, 2022 at approximately 5:10 pm.

There it was shown that Jaramillo had to take one from his office You can draw, But they do not know the identity of the person who made the delivery. When the officer entered Center of Repentance, Police officers realize that there is a false bottom in the container. Inside they found Prohibited items. They assume they were intended for a person deprived of their freedom, a prisoner in a pavilion known as Quito Tennis, cell no.

After control it was seen: a Mobile phone Director-owned Samsung brand; Three Samsung cell phones, 95 cigarettes; Two SIM cards; A USB cable, a cell phone charger, two Saw And a paint with a double bottom.

Criminal personnel went to the spot to make the relevant fixation and lifting Formula. Following legal proceedings, Jaramillo was transferred to the Flagransia Prosecutor’s Office.

The 1,333 people in question are deprived of their liberty, but its capacity is 959. In other words, a 39% extra crowdAs of May 6, 2022, according to SNAI’s statistical balance.

According to the National Comprehensive Care Service for Adults who are deprived of liberty and juvenile delinquents (SNAI) Established procedures and standards are adhered to like any other official and relevant cooperation is provided with the concerned agencies. Research And this will be decided.

Before Jaramilo, Fernando Lopez I was in the Department of Prisons. On October 26, 2021, Fernando Ortiz was removed by SNAI and the next one came into office. There were riots and riots at El Inca Prison that day.


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