The children were recorded when they were near adults, in a popular sector of Guayaquil. Photo: Screenshot

Pictures of the two children were broadcast on a video where they took and drank a bottle of beer, while an egg was laid by an adult. National Directorate The police Special for Boy, girl and teenager (Dinepen) Located in the densely populated sector of Las Malvinas, south of Guayaquil.

The children, about 10 years old, also appeared in a photo Guns In BeltThe victim Corruption of minors. They did it by hand in the recording Symptoms Of Criminal gang.

One of its officers Dinepen Who took part in the tracking and Search Of JuvenileThis Thursday, June 2, 2022 confirmed that two children and their parents have been found.

The condition of the children is defined

Authorities visited the home to verify his whereabouts Familiar environment. And the kids have apparently well in their homes, Dinpen said. A planned Technical table With government agencies and with parents of minors this Thursday, to provide assistance and define their situation.

“The violations seen in the videos were committed in 1997,” he said The road“It simply came to our notice then.

The Dinepen Get more information about the case after the technical table with parents. In the video, the Juvenile Eclipse appears Beer On the street, a sector where men are observed Drink wineIn the rhythm of salsa.

“That’s my puppy, did you activate my puppy?”, The man said, encouraging minors to drink alcohol, but he was not seen on the recordings. One of the little ones answers him, picks up the bottle, drinks and makes a form Guns With your fingers

The video has created panic among the citizens Crime wave And Criminal violence Unprecedented in Guayaquil, responsible for gang clashes Drug trafficking Y. Drug trafficking.

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