After the publication of the report ‘Exposo de Viteri, owner of a new land on the way to the coast’On Sunday, March 27, 2022, published by Guaquil Magazine Expresso, a group of citizens related to the mayor Cynthia Viteri They held a sit-in outside the newspaper to verbally attack the newspaper.

In a video posted on Express’s Twitter account, you can see a group of people carrying Posters And they chanted “Come, come, false diary”, “Trash Press”“Many lies that the newspaper publishes”, among others.

The Expresso report indicates Joaquin VillamarThe former partner of the mayor, who acquired according to the investigation 80 lots The sector that connects Guayaquil with the resorts of Guas and Santa Elena, where the city plans to build its future New airport International. More shopping than that 90,000 square meters Implemented Maybe The 2020When he was still Swami Viteri

The author of the study, White monkada“The concerns about this solidarity are,” he told the newspaper. The answer that Mayor Viteri did not give. He has to answer the question and he doesn’t have to do it in Expresso, he has to do it to Guaquil and he is avoiding it, “the journalist said.

Sarah SpainThe general secretary of the newspaper stated that “the important thing is that the municipal authorities are not responding to what should be explained: why in an epidemic, in an extraordinary session, the council amended an ordinance to give the green light. Costa is a road development and four days. Later Mr. Villamar Acquires land and why they have been invested Millions are still in uninhabited areas Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The mayor focuses on sensitive issues, but avoids explaining his management.

Moncada asked for a response from Veteri, and after writing on WhatsApp, one of the mayor’s responses was, “Find him (Mr. Villamar) and ask him what you want. I’m not his mother.”

Refusal to go

The Ecuadorian Association of Newspaper Publishers (Aedep) has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. In addition, it is emphasized that journalism should respond to investigations “by reason, not by organizations that protect political actors …”.

Fandamডdios Rejection has also been added. “Fundamedios rejects the attack inspired by journalist Blanca Moncadar’s investigation into the high public interest issue involving the mayor of Guayaquil’s environment. We urge the authorities to guarantee the safety and integrity of Moncada, the rest of the Express staff and the media facilities, “the portal said.

Prosecutor’s Office and SRI investigation

After the release of the President. William Lasso, The Internal Revenue Service (SRI) and the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE) have been asked by Mayor Cynthia Viteri’s ex-husband, Joaquin Willemer, to conduct a “full investigation” into the purchase of land in Daula by the coast.

Also Prosecution The state’s general has launched an investigation into the mayor’s ex-husband, alleging “irregular acquisition of 61 plots of land in Daula”.

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