Fiscal year Diana Salazar He says that as a citizen, he feels deep frustration and impotence “while testifying to how justice and impunity prevail in the country”. Through your account TwitterA letter was leaked so that he could talk about the judicial decision of the last day.

Posted last night, Friday, April 15, 2021 “I would like to express my views as a citizen in light of the information regarding the jurisdictional decisions that have been raised in recent days,” the document said.

Last Saturday, d Former Vice President George Glass, who is serving a six-year sentence for conspiracy to defraud Odebrecht, left Latakunga where he spent 1,645 days.

This was made possible by the habeas corpus awarded by the judge of the Multicompetent Unit in Manglerloto (Santa Elena), Javier Moscow. Glass’s defense arguments were related to his health condition.

Salazar said in his public letter that we must Reconsideration Acts as a society. “Everyone from different places and locations must claim as a fundamental right that the justice system responds to the needs of the citizens.”

According to the Attorney General, the judiciary must work with transparency, speed and coercion against all types of crime.

SNAI application

Glass’s departure raises questions about the granted appeal. However, at the hearing, the National Comprehensive Care Service for Adults Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) filed an appeal last Thursday.

The agency has requested that the appeal be dismissed. Because it considers that “principles of judicial protection, jurisdiction and evidence are not being adhered to ৷ he considers habeas corpus, in this case, an abuse of those constitutional resources.

The document also contains a request for a provincial court to bring it to the attention of the Judicial Council’s disciplinary area. This raises the need to collect constructive situations on a potentially serious offense to be considered in the biological code of judicial action.

A judge has ordered preventive detention against Dario Xavier CA and has taken protective measures for rescued victims in #Lacrolina.https: //

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