El Trebole is a place where traffic jams occur frequently. Photo: Screenshot.

Through Surveillance cameras You will see some sectors of ECU 911 where there are Traffic in Quito. This is also due to the fact that this Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the capital woke up Rain In some parts of the city.

It is Clover perspective It can be seen that on the north-south side, the vehicle is in three lanes, on the other hand from south to north, the vehicle does not present more fluid and higher vehicle load.

In the sector The farmerConnector to the exchanger av Press and av. Amazon On the north-south side it presents a high vehicle load, the vehicle on the south-north side is moderate. It is Gualo Bridge There is a medium vehicle load so the vehicle flows slowly, but there is no long line of vehicles.

In Alloy Alfaro Avenue Y. Granados Avenue Traffic congestion is high, and on the north-south surveillance camera you can see long lines of vehicles, due to the rain and the fact that there are universities and employment offices near the sector.

Inside Social media Residents of the capital have complained about the chaos in several areas of the city and called on the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) to take steps that would provide a short-term solution to the real traffic problems in the city.

Several users have complained about the ineffectiveness of recent contraflores adopted by AMT to improve traffic.

Respect for traffic rules

The Metropolitan Transit Agency Through its social networks, it has asked drivers to drive cautiously as the presence of rain has been registered in some parts of Quito’s metropolitan district.

He also mentioned that they do not know Transient in the curveThe speed limits that are established are respected, and when entering a contraflow, vehicle lights are turned on for the safety of all road performers.

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Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Tuesday, May 17, 2022


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