By Brian Malila

A student from Embu county has made history after reporting to Kangaru Boys High School carrying a cock he had been gifted by with his aunt after circumcision.

The student, Lawrence Murimi, was admitted at Kangaru school after scoring 313 marks in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). He was to report on May 4, but due to lack of school fees, he could not report to school till 14 days later.

The student woke up on Wednesday and told her mother, Pauline Mukami who is a casual laborer, that he could not continue staying at home when the other students were still going on with their studies, that is when he decided to use what was at his disposal.

He caught the cock, tied it up, dressed on his former primary school uniform and took former primary school text books and urged his mother to accompany him to school.

He told the mother that they were going to pass by the county commissioner’s office to report that he was going to join the school before the journey started.

According to the student, the cock was going to form part of the school fees required by the school.

Murimi in the company of her hopeless mother walked from Majengo estate in Embu town to the county commissioner’s office that is about two kilometers but they were not lucky to find him.

They however proceeded to Kangaru School to try their luck on whether they could be admitted and upon reaching the school, they went straight to the school principal’s office where they were unfortunately turned away.

They said they were told that the student could not be admitted because he had nothing including his personal items.

“We were told that Murimi could not be admitted due to school fees and we went back with our cock since our hope was that they would pick the cock then allow Murimi in class as we wait for heavens to open,” said Mukami, her mother.

However the student and his mother were recalled by the school management after they learned that the issue had received media attention.

They told Murimi’s mother that the student will be admitted and one of the staff members told her to leave the students in the school, but upon reaching home she was called only to be told to reconsider taking him  to a day secondary school.

The student insisted that Kangaru school was his school of choice and pleaded with well-wishers to help him raise fee for his dream school.

It remains unclear whether the student will be accepted for admission in the school.

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