One expert estimates that there could be a devaluation of between USD 600,000 and USD 900,000 per year, depending on the use of the aircraft. Reference image: Fripic

The Depreciation of aircraft is measured by flight hours and cycles. The higher the number of trips, the lower the cost of the aircraft.

The Depreciation It refers to the amount of value lost by a well when used. Aeronautical expert Nicholas Larenas noted that the process is similar to that of a vehicle. The Decrease the price of an aircraft This has been the case since he left on his first flight. The difference with a car is that it involves a greater loss of money due to depreciation.

It is so Presidential Aircraft Legacy EMB-135 BJ It was acquired in 2008 for USD 28 million. This Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the President of Ecuador, William LassoConfirmed that it had been sold to the Colombian state for 8 million.

For Larenas, The Ecuadorian government has achieved a good deal of negotiation To reach that standard for flight hours and maintenance that has been carried out. Similar ships are on the market for between থেকে 5 and িয়ন 7 million, he said.

Expert Dr. explained the matter Planes can be devalued Enter about $ 600,000 to $ 900,000 per year. “It’s a reference value, considering what it’s used for,” he said.

Larenas explained that Depreciation of aircraft Consider first Flight hours It also has the number of cycles. Mention this number a times The plane pushes and pushes In each Flight.

In addition, in an aircraft sales price analysis, Security issues and number of maintenance performed.

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