On May 3, 2022, at the end of the first half of the Copa Libertadores match, Deportivo Tachira won the Emlek Blues 2-1 on tour.

If that result is maintained, Emlek will add five points and with that they will fight to qualify for the group A round in Libertadores.

‘Ballet Azul’ will be in the second place in ‘A’ group if they continue to win as spectators.

Sebastian Rodriguez, He won the ‘Bombillo’ with goals in the 3rd and 11th minutes New Town Sports Center In San Cristobal, Venezuela.

Due to his participation in the Copa Libertadores, Amelek did not play his match in the Ligapro against Barcelona SC on the 11th. That match will be played on May 11, 2022.

How does email come?

Compared to Tachira in San Cristobal, Cast Blue He has brought only two points in three matches.

To date, Palmeiras are unbeaten in Group A, with 9 points from three games. The irresistible Brazilians at the beginning of the competition.

Sports Tachira Adding four units, Sports Club Emelek Colon and Oil free It only ends with one unit.

The Blues campaign has annoyed many of their fans. A good number of fans confirm that the main responsible Spanish DT Ismail Reskalvo.

Racist insult

“Enough!” Posted by Palm trees Condemned on their social networks that fans were subjected to racist insults during the match against Copa Libertadores. EmelekOn the night of April 27, 2022, at the George Capwell Stadium in Guayaquil.

Brazilian that night Palm trees For the third date of Group A of the tournament, they were beaten 3-1 by Emlek.

Brazil remained out of the team due to the racist insults of their fans in Guayaquil.


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