Despite facing economic and administrative problems, Morlacos surprised the Liga de Quito like the locals on the second day of the National Soccer Championships.

Leaders have had to rush to present LigaPro supports earlier, to enable their squad. On the first day, they played with only seven athletes and lost their match before one of them left the field. The city of Guayaquil.

They are on the field to win from the beginning again. In front of their public, people from Cuenca They showed an ambitious game, Which little by little made the figure of the goalkeeper of the league. Elbos, on the other hand, showed a vague game, with no clear scoring options.

The goal came complementary. 56 ‘aLocal excellence was reflected in the scoreboard. Ronnie Biozo opened the account After a good corner kick, with a header, was executed by Efrén Mera.

There was very little time to respond to the tour. Lucas Mansinelli in the 62nd minute He set certain figures with a great goal from the edge of the area. His cross shot was impossible for Falcon to stop.

With this result, people from Cuenca climbed into the seventh box, above whites. At a later date, Morlaco painting Get Gualicio. The league, for its part, will Local before Catholic University.

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