The Sports Basin Won 1-0 against Technical Academic And enters the upper region of the table Ligapro.

For the first time, r Sports Quenca As shown to himself Team One of the most incisive and sought after The goal. Although he repeatedly said Opportunity Could not convert.

Its first arrival Morlacos Was given 10 minutes From its hands Bruno Duarte. The defender practiced a shot that ended up in the hands of the goalkeeper Walter Chavez.

The Queensland Extreme after two minutes without stopping the blockade Jalmar Almeida There was an arrival Dangerous Where the goalkeeper ignited. Almeida, Image In this 2022 of the club, it was decisive throughout the whole match to generate Opportunity From the side Left From the field

Next chance Basin Went with Jefferson VernazaConnected to those Header. The striker’s shot widens Crossbar.

Its response University technician This only happened 27 minutes. Through a Every attack They came to the opposite area Alexander Villallaba.

Time The first halfReferee action has also taken center stage. Morlaco players on one occasion Lucas Colito Fall in the area, however, for Judge There was no violation.

It is The second timeThe clubs played Midfield And at first they didn’t have a clear chance Minutes. Although they reach the courtyard The oppositeThe play line was cut Control And line Defensive.

In 54 minutes, Brian Rivera Send a pass Vernaza Before its failure Edison Carcelen. Barley saves the striker Tell me Thanks to his rivals for his example Physical And to score goals for him by beating the defenders Team.

One minute later the arbitrator again disputed when he did not pay a fine Lucas Mansinelli From Sports Quenca. The player avoids the goalkeeper but the latter blocks his way. However, the referee did not approve Violation.

In 68 minutes, Oscar SangeDefense University technician Was expelled. Frame since then Ajuan Could control more Meeting And so it ultimately remains Match. The ambateños They can never force themselves and take advantage of the match.

With Three Points, Basin Climb Fourth The position and transfer of the table, in a moment, to Emelek. Electric has two pending games.

University technician With 9 points in the relegation zone. The club took over Fifteen Location

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