Dolphin An exciting comeback over Mushuk Runa, and won 2-1 As a spectator, the match ended five minutes later.

The ‘panchito’ did not know how to manage the score and they finally came back. Elvis Velasco scored the goal Ambateños’s, at the start of the game, spent six minutes.

It was a good action, a long pass from Velasco Benefit taken and defined above Maximo Bangura, Who tried to reduce the space to the opponent. The player was on the field until the 80th minute, when he was replaced by Jonathan Gonzalez.

It looked like the locals had won, but humanity brought five equality from the end, executing one punishment. Andres Chikaija, Panenka style. L.His action came after Nazareno’s foul, in an action that had little danger.

At 89 ‘there was a surprise, a return. J.The goal was scored by Jairo Sifuente after the pass of Chikizar Inside the area, the local defense is in a state of disarray. The celebration was a triumph of victory.

Dolphin added 11 points And he’s fighting for first place, waiting for the games of Amelek, Liga de Quito and the Del Val in the Independent, which adds 10 units; There were eight Mushuk Runa left.

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