Mario Escobar, father Debani, Decided to open his own channel YouTube To report Progress In the case of his daughter.

In his first video, released on May 5, 2022, he thanked everyone who was present Slope Of Case.

He also uploaded the second video on the same day To talk Of Search At the condominium, 16 kilometers from his daughter’s ID Motel. During the clip, a space is created to talk about Threats From Death Receive and explain the presence of a bodyguard.

Debani’s mother Dolores Bajaldua is seen in the third video to deny Rumors About your condition Health.

Debani’s father explained that his channel was initially created for giving Virtual class Time Extreme And that with his daughter and the case Rumors What’s in there Internet He decided to reopen his channel. Those who are like this Slope Of Work They may have a version Information Plus Direct.

He also called the account Social media Those who pretend to ask for money. Repeat That you don’t have Purpose From Profit With the death of Debani.

In a fourth video, Mario reports the formation of a group ৷ Inter-institutional Determination Independent necrosis Compared with the one carried by the family and carried by the prosecution.

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