The Municipality From Quito Final details for Subway Entities are up and running in the last quarter of 2022. There will be steps to implement this offer Increase. This Monday, March 28, 2022, Competition To make public selections International operator.

Efren BastidasMetro de Quito general manager, said that at this stage is a fundamental milestone Schedule To reach the stage Test And after the introduction of the most modern public transport system in the country.


Bastidas explained that there are great expectations for attracting a number of people Foreign companies. Schedule met: The first part was Design Exploitation Railroad Which includes the operation and maintenance of the metro. The second phase was established within the timeframe Terms From References For Quito Metro Operator Agreement.

On the other hand, Bastidas explained that a Study To determine the market Business Plus Suitable To become Railway operator And will also determine The value Of Recruitment.

To qualify, the company must have a strong Experience In management Metropolitan rail system Urban farms must operate in cities with a population of not less than 2 million. Has at least 20 years of experience in meter management and trained staff with extensive knowledge in technical management.

Who are the stakeholders?

So far 11 companies Cabaldo has connections to Quito from nine countries, including two public companies in Spain RenfeThe largest railway company in the country, and the operator of TMB Subway From Barcelona.

Its representatives Business Its transport Underground passengerFrom Chile; Subway Madeleine (Colombia), of the Metropolitan Company Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Metro Santo Domingo They have also shown interest.

Academic offer

Bastidas said the contract with the international operator would be for six years, during which time the company would be responsible for training, formation and relocation. Technology From Ecuadorian technical staff.

The University Quito will also be part of it Draft From MobilityIts academic offer will be linked to the railway field so that it is framed Context The current city. There has been a dialogue with the directors of the Polytechnic University till the third week of March CelsianCollege Catholic, International University The EcuadorPolytechnic National And universities San Francisco.

Academic offers include plans to maintain three levels of training, such as, for example, a course or Seminar Which will be addressed Operating staff. The second level will consist of a Technology Which will be designed for technicians and middle managers and will last for three years. They are third level Postgraduate degreeRailway specialization will be addressed Engineer Senior or Of managers Departmental


Metro trains will take two to three minutes to travel from one station to another. Although it has Power To reach 100 Kilometers Every hour, it will make a maximum of 55 and exceed L Labrador Until Quitumbe Within 30 minutes

Bastidas explained that the metro stations were designed in such a way that there is one Connection In the stop Trolleybus And Ecovia Along the North Central Corridor, Runner The best and safest time to move to a city that aims to the southeast and southwest.

Metro stations in Quito will be a cultural place

There will be cultural corridors to support 15 Quito metro stations Artistic initiative Of Quito. The first episode of these exhibitions will be a Photoshows It will reveal a visual narrative that contributes to the construction Identity Of Capital.

Adriana PeredesManager Social responsibility And the environment of Quito Metro explained that there will be phases of this project that will allow analysis Behavior Of People In Season In front of the stage and will be the basis for creating artistic content.

In addition, he stressed that a consultation is underway which will determine the design and implementation phase of these sites so that they do not hinder the flow of people and its quality. Biosecurity.

In Station From San Francisco Will be displayed Archaeological discoveries This place is found below the plaza. Objects such as pots and ceramics, as well as stairs and a base cangahuaSay that from the era of the Republic History Was considered a center with San Francisco Diversity From Culture.

Construction of the Quito Metro began in 2013, and will run through Ecuador’s first north-south capital. It has 15 stations with a fleet of 18 people The trainWhich is in the final stages of the integration test.

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