The Ecuadorian flag flutteredAnd Daniel PintadoWhen he crossed the finish line in first place at the International Race Walking Grand Prix, which happened River MajorPortugal.

Ajuayo was the best in the 20 km, where its specialty Clock 1:21:53 And reached the finish line alone.

Pintado is the current Pan American champion in this category, so he entered the competition as one of the favorites. That approval Asphalt is consideredWhere he was able to take the lead from the start.

Caio Bonfim from Brazil and Manuel Soto from ColombiaThey are second and third, respectively. This allowed the dominance of South American marchers in international competition.

Two more Teranga processions took part in the competition, with good results. David Hurtado In the sixth place when crossing the finish line Jensen Calderon He finished in 13 boxes.

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