Jorge Molina missed his shot for a team that could not beat Espanyol in the end and saw Cিজdiz and Mallorca win from their tour of Alav এবংs and Osasuna, respectively.

Jorge Molina (D) after missing a penalty against Espanyol.
Jorge Molina (D) after missing a penalty against Espanyol.EFE

The Grenade, The party that seemed to have the best chance of sealing their permanence, was finally condemned to exile in the second division. At home, he had a win in front of the fans. He even had a punishment in his favor, as directed by Hernandez Hernandez After his second-half VAR consultation with Espanyol, that’s an experienced choice George Molina I tried to adjust it so much that I ended up sending it. In the first half, those who are usually in charge of that activity, Louis MilaHe had to leave the match earlier due to injury. Also, also, Molina herself will see how desperately a title lives humbly in one’s hands. Diego Lopez That being said, he was right in the direction of his launch from 11 meters.

It was an unfortunate consequence for Granada on that transistor radio afternoon where the Granada team ran out of gunpowder at its worst. Unlike Cadiz and Mallorca, who managed two victories from their tour of Alav এবংs and Osasuna. In Mendizoroza, in addition to a huge presence of Cadistar supporters, there was more flooding than in the pre-match moments that subsided over time so that the water did not spice up a conflict that the team is now training. Sergio Gonzalez For quickly.

No goal in the first half

That same excitement, of course, made no marker movement in the first 45 minutes, where Mallorca, Granada and even an Osasuna were determined to identify them. Cdiz, although initially it didn’t hit the key, tried to put one more gear after the break. Not in vain, I was almost 0-1 aware from the beginning of the second half Angel Rodrজguez The problems that kept Mallorca in El Sadar at the start of the second half and the fact that Granada had to do their homework against Espanyol.

The terrible punishment that Jorge Molina missed, moreover, will come just after Idrisi Will send a clear opportunity for Cdiz. But football, always playful, with everything, will allow The corpse It didn’t take long for the Cadiz team to start scoring 0-1. Seven minutes into the final, Mallorca, unconcerned with everything, was able to maintain its consistency with 0-2 goals in the first half. Grenier. Cadistara, almost immediately, how to see with relief Sanchez Martinez, After consulting with the VAR, corrected and did not indicate a penalty that could change the table again. Meanwhile there was no way to turn the lights on in Los Crimes. And that, in the end, seals the team’s brutal fate Karanka.

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