This Friday, October 9, 2022, LigaPro lost to Cumbayá 3-2 on the 14th. Photo: Instagram @ 9deOctober

Kumbaya 3-2 defeat at 9 p.m. OctoberThis Friday, May 20, 2022, 14th LigaproIn the stadium Olympic Atahualpa.

Two squads in what fight Latest postTherefore, it was what was added. Kumbaya Did and ‘Super 9’ sank further Below Of Table.

Danny MoonOn 9 de Octubre’s captain, goalkeeper Joaquin defeated Pucheta to start scoring a shot from the center of the area.

The October They spread dominance Action From The goal, But they were not good. When it seemed like they would increase the benefits, Kumbaya Match tie.

Center back Christian Cepeda I keep notes After a corner kick, with a header in the 28th minute Darwin Torres.

With that note, Kumbaya Improved his game and looked for a return goal, which he achieved thanks Darley Karabali.

Its players Kumbaya Got a filtered pass from Carlos Manges And defined alone in front of the goalkeeper Edison Ricald. Karabali In celebration of the goal he took off his shirt and that was it To advise.

Complementary time, October They started with two input changes to change the situation of the match and it happened.

Darwin Suarez He scored a suicide goal in the 48th minute and kept the score at 2-2 Olympic Atahualpa.

However, that joy did not last long GuayaquilAs Kumbaya 55 minutes was again placed at the top of the scoreboard.

Melvin Diaz He took a shot from the middle and the ball went to the crossbar. Carlos Manges He was focused on the rebound and surprised the goalkeeper Edison Ricald Score in the header 3-2.

At 70 Darley Carabley With 10 he left Kumbaya because he had fouled the area Kevin Bessara. Collegiate Mario Romero Punishment for ‘Super 9’.

Danny Moon A shot from over the crossbar missed his penalty, even though he had a chance to tie the match. The Ecuadorian has missed three penalties this season Ligapro.

Kumbaya Box number 13 with 13 points, where 9 October ended with eight units.

The next day the residents of the capital will go to Barcelona. For their part, Guayaquil residents will find the Independent del Valle. Both matches will be played on Sunday, May 29.

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