Argentine players Joaquin PuchetaProtect its pressure Kumbaya Before that FC Dolphin In the stadium Joke Mantar, Saturday, April 16, 2022.

He has played before Macara, But in the capital team he made his debut season in Serie A, where he is the undisputed starter. Archer Juice Eight Match Of Ligapro, Is deposited 720 minutes Inside The courtGot nine goals and took his fence unbeaten in three games.

In Makara he played 24 matches, scored 40 goals and was unbeaten three times.

At age 29, he brought experience to a squad whose Chief Purpose This is it Save The Department. On the eighth, they add nine points and are placed in the ninth position, too Off Positions that allow a quota International Tournament.

Pucheta made a trend

His name came up on April 17 Trend In Social media Receipts from Ecuador, however, were not discussed Kumbayato users of (1-1) against cetacean group Internet Draws their attention Fitness.

Didn’t miss the opportunity to do something with internet users MoodComments Fitness Argentina

Some comments They compare A Pouty With Goalkeeper From the series Super Champion, Borgini.

In other cases, they mentioned Rules Of Street football That person will go to the goal with the most build. And other people, instead, have compared him to other players in the championship.

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