Email failed to win. He has an appointment Sports Quenca Endless, in a round trip match, at the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar Stadium.

Azulus and Morlacos tied 2-2, this April 10, 2022, on the seventh Championship Ecuador Football

In the first stage, Emelek He presented a number of flaws in the connection between the forwards and his midfielders, which he tried to improve in the second round.

His DT Ismail Reskalvo wanted to restructure his proposal. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. And they got it through the actions of a teenager Vera Dixon18, who made a cross in the area and the ball deviated from defender Augustin Garcia, which ended in a own goal in the 51st minute.

After that action, Amelek Alejandro Serrano dominated the action at the Aguilera Stadium. He dominated and came easily. And so he got ahead Markers (2-1) A goal by Mauro Quiroga.

It seemed that Emelek was leaving with the victory. They showed more order in their line against an endless Deportivo Cuenca, who are trying to put their game together again. And how it comes The goal Morlacos, through Mateo Zambrano, in a luxurious personal work.

There was a problem with their coaches on the bench at 2-2. In Cuenca, Gabriel Shurara tried to strengthen his proposal and brought in Francisco Mera and Jalmar Almeida. His colleagues include Rescalvo Joao Rojas And Romario Caicedo, who was on the bench, raised the offensive, but it wasn’t enough.

Emelek was left with 11 points in the standings and Quenca with 9 points. The Blues will play against October 9 and will tour Cuenca MacaraBoth next Sunday, April 17.

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