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CTE will reopen transit detention center in Guayas

The dungeons of Doule’s CTE detachment did not receive traffic criminals for almost a year, because they lacked equality and legal authorization. Photo: Courtesy of CTE

The Ecuadorian Transit Commission (CTE) has undertaken two rehabilitation initiatives Detention center for criminals in the province guas. The company said it would take a maximum of 60 days to renovate the Duran and Dowle complexes.

currently Traffic violators in Guayaquil Metropolitan Area Violent transfer is done Littoral Penitentiarywith pavilions dominated by criminal group. This situation contributes to the overcrowding of detention centers and the detention of at-risk drivers Transit violation or by claim.

Ernesto Polit, Executive Director CTERecall that the dungeon The company currently does not have a home approval Deprived of freedom. However, the Commission hopes that National Comprehensive Care Service for Adults Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) approves the activities of these two centres.

Polit met with Director General Pablo Ramirez last Wednesday, August 3, 2022 SNAIfor the purpose of Validate the dungeon. There he promised Rehabilitation facilities Within a maximum of 60 days, he explained.

“We will proceed urgently and immediately Reconstruction of facilities To get the respective approval from SNAI”, added the Director of Transit Commission. “We will be expanding in the coming months Request to open From another center if necessary.

Polit and Assemblyman Ricardo Vanegas Meet this Friday, August 5, 2022 to request assistance. State Attorney General’s Office. The goal is to streamline the process Activating cells.

Dungeons without contravenors

Called CTE Judicial Council September 29, 2021 for judges to stop sending inmates to transit detention centers. This is the reason Traditional dungeons Organization was lacking approval. Neither were they Approved by SNAIwhich may lead to administrative, civil and criminal sanctions for the commission.

Article 10 of Comprehensive Criminal Organic Code (COIP) Ecuador prohibits “any A form of deprivation of liberty in facilities or places not legally authorized.”

Maria Josefa Coronel, Provincial Director Judiciary in GuayasIndications that the service began to be sent to judges later Traffic violators He also expressed regret for the punishment Jail complex of North of Guayaquilits site Frequent massacresThere is a lack of adequate sections for such prisoners.

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