When the former minister on March 29 Government, Alexandra Vela, who has made his resignation public, has only revealed that Government Discussed Cross deathBut there were conflicting positions. Eventually, Vela – a well-known militant of the defunct Popular Democracy (DP) – left the regime. Days later, Juan Manuel Fuertes, part Ministry From Government And from PD.

In his letter, the former minister said: “I am aware that my duty to you and to you is fulfilled Ecuador, Emphasis Where the only option Cross deathI am annoying your colleagues and at times, I am uncomfortable with you. “

That was the moment when it was decided to cancel Cross death. With Vela’s departure, the referendum was on the table again, and now, according to Francisco Jimenez’s minister GovernmentThe alternative is to call before the electionDepartmental Of 2023.

What does the candle output show? In principle, there is a restructuring behind that closed door. Analyst and university professor Daniel Crespo has suggested that Back Of President.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture Government movement I think it is closely related Free Ecuador. The latter defines itself as the “tank of ideas”, where the most Generous Of Executive Inside Economic. Among the most visible faces is Counselor Aparicio Cassedo. He noted that the nucleus had an ideologically more puritanical agenda than Creo.

However, that wing is the least Experienced. There are young people who have not gone through this Management According to Crespo of the public, former DP cadres are trying to fill this gap.

Natalie Arias, Assembly For Faith And its members Free EcuadorFormer DPs believe he was always with them Lasso. Not being equal in everything, many times they complement each other, he notes.

Since last January, the Cabinet There weren’t great variations. Juan Carlos Holguin Is recruited Chancellor. He is one of the directors Free Ecuador.

Francisco left Jimenez Assembly From Ministry From GovernmentTo manage PoliticsAfter that section Purse From Condition. He thinks of himself as a Creole man.

For his part, Patricio Carillo took security Ministry Of Inside. He was the police commander of the Lenin Moreno government and was very close to former minister Maria Paula Romero.

Inside EconomicSimon Cueva, who co-operated with the IMF, took the reins. During the campaign, Ecuador was a member of both Libre and President They were against tax increases, the position of the more liberal branch. However Executive Protect and pass his tax law by Ministry Of Law.

Another sign is that it has not been possible to follow its agenda Free Ecuador Was Department Of Ministry From Government. The idea of ​​shrinking the state was driven by the fact that everyone should have a minister in politics and civil protection.

Ministry Government For political issues, Diego Ordonez, who was its last president, was in charge Christian Democratic Union (UDC) and part of today Free Ecuador.

There is no dispute between the two forces over Ordonez. He maintains that he has no friction to the mark. It was part of it Christian democracy And from now on Free Ecuador. “We are one team,” he said.

Unlike Ordonez, Jimenez acknowledged that there were two positions against it Cross death. He said it is good that it is so, because unique thinking is not promoted.


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