Since the outbreak, 872,465 cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Ecuador. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO

Reduction in cases Covid-19Death, Hospital profession, PositivityAmong other indicators, this means that in most countries including EcuadorThe Use Of Mask Stop being compulsory.

On April 28, 2022, the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) announced a decision based on the high percentage of vaccinated population (84% including two doses), viral positive 5%, and reduction. Infection And death from the virus.

Since February, epidemiological statistics have shown a steady decline, since then Hello For that reason Alternative Omicron. Epidemiological week two and three alone, more 102,000 cases Kovid-19’s, a Record Since the start of the health emergency in 2020.

The Death They also increased and 253 people died in the fourth week, the highest number since September 2021, among confirmed and probable.

This behavior of the epidemic has been the same Countries Of Region Y. Europe Where Limitations Was imposed to contain the progress of the epidemic.

The situation of Kovid-19 in the region

But the landscape is changing. Its director Dr. Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa F. Etienneaumentan, said this Wednesday, May 18, 2022 that across the region Infection They have Increase By 27.2% last week

Inside AmericaFor example, epidemiologists and researchers a The fifth wave Powered by Sublineage Of Omicron BA.4, BA.5 Y. BA.12.1. The infection experienced a rapid increase and after three months the need for New York City ceased MaskIts use was resumed on 16 May.

Raised by the Department of Health Warning level And indicated that there is a The spread of the upper community Of Virus. The pressure on the health system is increasing.

Similar scenes are beginning to appear Pepper. Experts predict a big increase in cases by the end of May. A significant increase was announced on May 10, with 3,048 new infections, the highest number in 31 days, according to the country’s health ministry report.

Argentina The number of cases is also increasing. Infection in the last two weeks Increased by 92%. However, the number of patients is high Intensive therapy And Death Weekly stays stable.

About this EcuadorThere is one from February Decrease From Infection And there was a slight increase in epidemiological week 19, going from 934 to 1,077 in 18, they dropped from 469 to 393.

In contrast, index preferences Hospital profession, Death For viruses and Viral positivity Has not changed and the decline in national territory continues.

The virus tends to change

For teachers and researchers at Ecuador Central University, Alberto NorvezWhat will happen by this third week of May is something to be expected based on what we have seen over the last two years Extreme: Period of fall and after Emergence From Infection.

Experts add that Risk They keep showing that New Alternative Is Sublineage Constant as its own part Evolution Of the virus.

This is an example of such sublineages BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5. Identify these last two South AfricaWhere infections and hospital admissions also increased, there were no serious cases or deaths.

Epidemiologist Mauricio Espinel Agree that the risks present and consider that we will be in a permanent swing until 2019 Indicator Stay Local.

Experts explain that now we are benefiting Vaccine. Although these drugs do not prevent infectious diseases, they do prevent disease and death.

This is why they insist Population To be completed Vaccination schedule With Three doses And a second booster for those over 50 and growing sick.

In addition, they recommend Maintain The Mask This is with closed space or a little ventilation and constant hand washing.

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