Beach, Gastronomy, Concert, Parade, Fruit and flower festivals, This four-day vacation attracts tourists to adventure sports and outdoor walks Carnival holidays.

Its cities BlanketIn women; Salinas, In St. Helena. E.g. Ambato and bath, In Tungurahua, they are the main destination that visitors choose to enjoy their vacation.

Its four cities Coast And of Mountains Center Is recorded in 60 and 90% on hotel reservations. It is expected from the tourism sector that the occupation will reach 100% in the first two days. Owners of hotels, restaurants and other businesses apply it Biosecurity measures To avoid possible infection of Kovid-19.

Such as the hotel sector BlanketOn WomanYour best hope Holidays From Carnival In four years. Hotels reach 80 to 90% of reservations and expect to reach 100% of their capacity.

In 2019 and 2020, before that ExtremeDuring the carnival, the city occupied 97% and 94% of the hotel, respectively. And in 2021 the percentage dropped to 87%, reported Stephen FiallosPresident of the Chamber of Tourism of Munter.

“The expectation is to reach 100 percent,” said Philos According to the leader, this is one of the best holidays of the year for the sector. And that is enhanced by reduction VAT And to remove the limitations of power in the country.

The city has something 2,000 dwellings and 250 dwellings, Between hotels and hostels.

The Manta Municipality Organized a complete agenda for activities such as motorcycle shows with electronic music that will be held this Saturday and Sunday, starting at 10:00 Liguikui Beach.

Daytime DJs will play at eight of the city’s 13 beaches, with planned day-to-day activations this Saturday and Monday. Carnival. And Guayaquil singer Mirella Cesa will sing at the Tarkui Beach Artistic Festival on Sunday (10:00 am to 4:00 pm). A free drone show is scheduled for Sunday, starting at 9:00 pm in the Las Letras sector.

Santa Elena with 70% hotel reservation

In Santa Elena, the hotel sector registered an average of 70% of reservations for lodging facilities as of Thursday.

Carlos Abbott, President Santa Elena Chamber of Tourism, iHe pointed out that in resorts like Montanita and Olon north of the peninsula অনেক many accommodation sites have been sold out of their available rooms for 15 days.

Percentage of it Booking Less at such destinations Salinas, More rooms are available and where dozens of Guaquil residents have apartments and summer houses. However, the union expects a job close to 100%.

“We feel that after two very difficult years, tourism activities have started to become regular. We had a big flow Tourists The last three weekends, ”said the union leader.

Security is a matter of concern for the first vacation in two years without power constraints. Plans to collaborate with the Association of Community Guards and Tourist Servants Controls.

“The Ministry of Government He told us that 500 police officers and 100 lifeguards for the beach would be deployed to strengthen security during the holidays, ”Abad added.

Fruit festivals attract tourists

On AmbatoReservations in the hotel sector have reached between 65% and 75%. A report released by the Chamber of Tourism details that 80% is expected to come in, especially for events prepared by the 71st edition. Fruit and flower festival (Fff).

Paul Pinto, President Ambatore Chamber of Tourism, He explained that since the removal of restrictions by the COE, VAT has been reduced to 8%, there is an expectation from the sector that visitors will be attracted by the various events and concerts that are part of the Ambatan festival. “It simply came to our notice then. The Fruit Festival is an important celebration of the year that attracts tourists, especially from Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca and other cities.

Photo: Modesto Moreta / EL Commerceo

On Hotel Ambato All 55 rooms were sold for two nights and three days. A gastronomic festival was prepared which will be held on Saturday and Sunday at 19:00 Restaurant Fico Where you can enjoy a five-course menu. Barbecue on Sunday and Sebich and Seafood Festival on Monday.

Also in Mary Carmen Boutique Hotel, At least 45 of the 55 rooms were booked in advance, but they expect it to reach 100% with 10 to 20% offers and discounts. “People are saying to come to Ambato through social networks, the effect is that there is no Brotherhood parade and there will be only floating in four places in the city,” he said. Nicole HaigHotel Marketing Director.

A. Grand Hotel Napoleon 80% of the rooms were set aside for holidays. Salome Marin, the manager, explained that maintaining prices to help with reactivation is paying off this holiday season. The cost of USD 25 includes all hotel services and breakfast. “We believe this will be a good year for the tourism sector.”

Celebrations will begin with the blessing of flowers, fruit and bread on the porch of the cathedral due to limited capacity. Extreme. At least 30 priests and bishops from different cities of the country will take part in public relations on Saturday, February 26 at 9 am.

In place of d.Fraternity esfile And of Round Nocturnal The metaphorical cars will be a day trip: ‘Ambato is my flower garden’ and at night ‘Ambato, I sing to you with my heart’. It will be on Sunday 27th February at 09:00

Concert with the participation of international bands Blue Angels of Mexico. The event will be held on Monday, February 26 at 7:00 pm at the Esplanade in Ambato Municipality. Where will Ecuadorian artist Guanaco live?

Baños offers BioSafe Tourism

In Banos de Agua Santa, Tungurahua, 8,000 beds have 70% reservations and tourism entrepreneurs aspire to reach 95% this holiday season. Emergency Operations Committee (COE) Indicates that bars, discos and nightclubs are open from 6:00 to 3:00 with 60% capacity.

Cabildo has prepared a series of events such as the Chamizar Parade organized by residents of its community. Iluchi, Ligua and Pandua. On Saturday, February 26, they will pull down the eucalyptus branches and go down with the bulls and bulls. It will reach the basilica and then burn them at 18:00 in the Los Pinos sector. The festival is in honor of the Virgin del Rosario de Aguirre.

Another important event is the first Folklore Dance Festival with delegates from different cantons of Tungurahua and it is at 3:00 pm.

Sunday, February 27, Banos 2022 Carnival Top Tanga at 10:00 a.m. at Santa Ana Spa. Presentation at Montalvo Park at 4:00 pm Provincial Council Symphony And with the reunion of guitarists, the symphonic rock concert will be full.

Christian Varela, Banos Municipality Tourism Director, said that all hotels, restaurants and other businesses adhere to biosecurity measures and safe travel seals on an international scale. “We are carrying out controls every day because we are a biosecure destination.”

He noted that the first two days of the holiday are at least 80% full of the hotel sector and it is expected to reach 100%. It is expected to reach 70% in the next two days (Monday and Tuesday).

8 rooms for Saturday and Sunday Hotel With They come with a full 35% discount and an important package which includes a dinner and a foam party for children who are magnets for tourists who will come from Guayaquil, Quito and other cities. Activities will be held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Israel Alban, the administrative manager of Hotel Sang, said that all biological safety measures have been taken for clients who will be requested to be vaccinated at the temperature. Capacity of 15% will be limited to humeras and restaurant areas.

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