Corviche with crab: This is one of the recommended varieties in stereo bologna, owned by Estefania Carrera and Oscar Moreno. You can also experiment with the taste of corviche meat, chicken or pork rinds. Photo: Julio Estrella / El Commerceo

The Corvette One of them Delicious food Of Female gastronomyWhich is always present on the beach Coast of Ecuador. It is sold in baskets, cars or small shops on the side of the road. What’s new is that in recent years, its popularity has spread from the plains to the heights of cities Quito.

Two weeks ago, through EL COMERCIO’s Instagram account, he asked for recommendations on where to eat the best corvich in town. A total of more than forty places have been proposed in different parts of the city. This During the week we visit Three Restaurant Most recommended: Nora, Fish Y. Stereo Bolon.


La Ñora is a tradition Dining room Neighbor with a contemporary twist; Located in Forest And like La Pesque and stereo bolognese, it opened its doors during the epidemic. In Candy Their menu includes classics such as chicken or beef jerky, morocho empanadas, fried humitas with manaba cheese and lapinachos.

Daniel Maldonado is the owner and Boris Hurtado is the chef of La Nora. Photo: Julio Estrella / El Commerceo

In Snacks Its the most popular Three types of corviche: Simple, accompanied by a coleslaw; Acebichado with fresh fish, peanuts and creole tanning; And shrimp encocado.

You will not answer Daniel Maldonado Note that one The key Of Success Among them corviches The lie is that they maintain Traditional recipesFilled Albacor.

With Nora’s corviche acebichado: This delicious dish is prepared with fresh fish, peanuts and creole tanning. There is also a common curvilinear, with one colesla and another shrimp encocado. Photo: Julio Estrella / El Commerceo

For him, this Street snacks It has become a new delicacy for the people of Quito because it responds to the longing that one always has. The beach. “In general, coastal food is very popular in Quito, but many restaurants didn’t offer corvich until a year ago.”

The corviches of La Ñora are suitable for them Dinner What do they want? Traditional taste And products with Traceability. Undoubtedly, this is recommended in the hollow corviche stalked.


Diego Guerra and Pedro Proiano are two Pilot As a result of that The economic crisis Generated by Extreme Decided to get together and turn one on Gastronomic Entrepreneur. As a result, that union appeared FishA small restaurant a few blocks away Central Park From Kumbaya.

Its menu RestaurantOne of the walls has the phrase printed on it #Scapaditalmar, It is a combination of food manabites Y. Peruvian. His list of delicacies includes antiquichero octopus, jelly or shellfish, tiraditos and chowfa manaba.

La Pesc is owned by Diego Guerra and Pedro Proiano. Photo: Julio Estrella / El Commerceo

Proaño says they sold out in 2021 ceviches At home and they started preparing curvich because they saw that they were becoming fashionable in Guayaquil. These pilots acknowledge the results of testing their recipe and the results of restoring the gastronomic memory of human food with which Guerrero grew up.

La Page, Corvette mounted There is Two versions. One of them is the Peruvian tartar sauce made with yellow pepper and covered with a portion of it. Crab And the other, which is new, comes with a Part From Shrimp.

Fish with Mounted Corvich: There are two versions of this dish: with shrimp and another with crab. Both are companions
Tartar sauce made with turmeric. Photo: Julio Estrella / El Commerceo

Guerra says they have all the curves they have prepared White fish Seasonal, such as Picudo or Dorado. “For our combined Korvich – he said – we always had the idea that it would have house sauce and an extra protein, which would enhance its flavor and presentation.”

This restaurant corviches is perfect for those who want To experience The Taste This street snack Ripe With a Gourmet touch. The recommendation here is not to give up without trying the newly assembled corviche that have shrimp.

Stereo Bolon

In October 2020, the doors of Estephania Carrera and Oscar Moreno opened Stereo BolonOne of the most lucrative export products of the local economy is a restaurant specializing in green banana and shrimp dishes.

The star dish of this business is undoubtedly Tell meBut there are other goodies on his menu, too Tigrilo, Green tortillasShrimp Encocado, Breaded, Sebiches and Curvich, so – they make sure – they made one Reinterpretation

Owners of stereo balloons: Estefania Carrera and Oscar Moreno. Photo: Julio Estrella / El Commerceo

Kerra says its foundation Corvette This is one Rehash Made with Peanuts Y. Vegetables Which is mixed with a mixed green flour: one is cooked and the other is raw which is fried over slow heat. After making a cut in the middle they place different proteins, from Shrimp, Fish Y. CrabEven meat and chicken. The novelty of this restaurant is its addition PigsAt the request of several people Dinner.

Here’s one Classic What is he? Cheese corvicheWhich is accompanied by like the rest Sauce, Tanning Y. Green mayonnaise.

Cervix with crab: This is one of the recommended varieties in stereo bologna, owned by Estefania Carrera and Oscar Moreno. You can also experiment with the taste of corviche meat, chicken or pork rinds. Photo: Julio Estrella / El Commerceo

“We have decided,” Moreno said, “to redefine it Classic Corvette Bring new flavors and we’ve done well so far. “Carrera added that they knew people Mountains A lot goes Coast For its beaches and its gastronomy, but the epidemic left many without that possibility. To travel.

These corviches are recommended for diners who are open To experience With a Mixture New flavors. Undoubtedly, this restaurant with crabs is a must see.

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