Yesterday, the National Assembly became the scene of a political dispute after UNES announced the President to start the impeachment process. Photo: Carlos Noriga / EL Commercio

Request to remove the president of Chrismore William Lasso Left without support Assembly. The document is presented at a time when violence in protest of the tribal movement has intensified and when many quarters have called for dialogue.

The 47 MLAs from the Bank of the Union for Hope (Yunus) signed the petition on Friday, June 24. They have received instructions from their leader, the former president Rafael Correa.

Belt Later broke William LassoIn a WhatsApp chat, he was accused of being a coup plotter against possible dialogue for his posts on Twitter. No And executive, 12 days after the demonstration.

“There is no doubt. This is the coup leader who was injured in the first year of my government by seizing 300 tons of drugs. Drug politics versus democracy. The dilemma with Ecuador,” Lasso said.

Such is the request of Chrismo Lasso Will be dismissed due to “serious political crisis and internal turmoil”, which is one of the grounds laid down in Article 130. Constitution. However, the 92 votes required for the resolution are in doubt.

Only members of the extremist wing of the Pachakutik: Mario Ruiz, Mirea Pazmino, Peter Callo, Patricia Sanchez, Fernando Cabaskango and Mario Ruiz, supported the request. Instead, the head of the bloc, Salvador Quispe, accused Coreismo of being the leader of the coup.

In the middle of a virtual plenary session, Coreismo Assembly members Patricia Nunez and Viviana Veloz exploded on the agenda. They appealed to 137 legislators for “sensitivity and good sense.” They have assured that they are willing to go to the polls in advance.

The president of that function, Virgilio Saquicela (ind.), Said he would apply the method “strictly”. The session for the debate of this petition was called for 6:00 pm on Saturday, June 25, and the vote must take place three days later. Lasso Exercise your defenses.

This Thursday, June 24, Assembly members from Creo were in Carondellet. Congratulations to Jorge Pinto Karismo, a member of the Caucus: “I would like to congratulate the Younes Caucus for their decision. Resign from the assembly. It’s something historic. They are fanning the shoe stone (…) fire so that there is more violence, ”Pinto said.

The ruling party, the Social Christian Party (PSC) and the Democratic Left (ID), which control 51 seats, disagreed with the option.

In a joint statement issued by the PSC, the President said, Jaime Nebot; National President, Alfredo Serrano and Bench Coordinator, Esteban Torres. “It simply came to our notice then. President Of RepublicSo we will not vote for it, ”they said.

Instead, PSC leaders “demanded immediate amendments GovernmentAnd stressed that demonstrations cannot be carried out “affecting people and property or causing chaos”.

The ID states that “at this time, the country demands a change in democracy, without creating further instability, which, in the end, will not restore calm, solve the health, social or economic crisis, it will only deepen and prolong.”

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