Its benches Crismo and Pachakutik They will insist before the plenary for the impeachment of the subordinate regulator, Carlos RiofrioDespite the recommendation to file a supervision commission.

This case consists of an analysis The first item on the agenda The 770th Plenary Session, scheduled for this Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at 9:30 am, according to a call from the President, Guadalupe Lori (PK).

The Control Commission The questioner that is considered, Ronnie Alega (Unes), did not show that Riofrio spent for breach of duty in the previous report for the public contract.

To continue Impeachment Or shelved – as recommended by the non-binding report – requires an absolute majority (70 votes). Coreismo and Pachakutik control 63 seats.

“You don’t have to file. It needs to be reactivated as multiple complaints have been filed. It must continue. While this is true, the oversight commission has made a presentation File reportWe are not going to give way, it needs to be investigated and censored, “the head of the Pachakutik bloc told the newspaper. Rafael Lucero.

Zahira Urresta, from Correismo, noted that Regulator A “place of corruption” has been created, which will be censored by Riofrio.

Instead, the head of the Christian Social Party. Stephen Torres (PSC), considering that there is “no qualification” for the process of questioning against Riofrio.

The same criteria was held by the head of the Democratic Left (ID) bloc, Marlon Chain. “We will always defend the institution. We cannot hate ourselves for destabilizing the country.”

Riofrio is in office Deputy Controller Since the resignation of Valentina Jarrett on June 28, 2021, he has replaced one-quarter surrogate controller Pablo Sally, who has faced corruption charges, and who has replaced Carlos Polit, a fugitive from justice since 2017.

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