The court sentenced Alex Fernando NC 26 years in prison Murder A young woman, whom he cut to pieces with a saw. He then left the body next to a garbage can in Solanda Para, south of Quito.

Defendant, of course To pay A Extensive repairs USD 20,000 and a fine of 1,000 Unified Basic Salary.

The Corpses April 11, 2021 was found in a cylindrical container. The prosecutor’s office is a turn Research For this information and it was determined that, the day before, The victim Alex Fernando NC was with her, with whom she had one Sensitive relationships.

Freddie GarciaIndividuals and Guarantees have substantiated his allegations by presenting a report prepared by the Prosecutor of Unit No. 5. Medical examinerWho came to the conclusion that the way he died Nicole S. Matching murder.

On April 10, 2021, the victim was at the defendant’s home. Both consume alcohol and drugs. According to the prosecutor’s office, Alex Fernando took advantage of NC Nicole S’s condition and attacked her with a knife; He sustained 12 wounds to his left arm. Eventually, he ended up cutting his throat.

After what happened, the subject wanted to avoid being discovered. Thus, he broke its limbs Nicole S. Using a saw, he wrapped the corpse and threw it in a brown container next to the dumpster.


At this time the accused were raised as criminals in the arrest Hint Fabric like a sheet. After submitting it to the expert analysis of morphological comparisons with the blanket covering Victim’s body, it was concluded that two pieces of evidence were kept. Same physical characteristics.

Blood was found with the same profile in the saw with which the accused dismembered the body Genetic Of prey

The investigation, led by Public Prosecutor Garcia, led a finding EyewitnessWho described how the accused used a Metal car Transport the body in solid waste containers.

The prosecutor’s office has also collected evidence, such as that of the accused’s cohabitation. The woman assured that on the night of April 10, 2021, Alex Fernando NC contacted her to send her pictures, where she was still present with the living victim. She did it to force him to resume his sensitive relationship which was in crisis, he said.

In his testimony, he further indicated that a while ago, the accused had sent him a video of a man cutting his throat.

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