Russia Began planning the attack Ukraine This Thursday, early February 24th. From that moment on, Bombing They have the world. This Friday, the afternoon of February 25, they confirmed “Intense fightingThere is one in that area The hospitalIn Melitopole, Zaporizia Oblast, Ukraine.

According to a video posted on Twitter, The Military attack Due to hitting one of the projectiles launched Oncology Center. There is a video of about 35 seconds where the sound is recorded Shot.

The Center for data resilienceA non-profit organization dedicated to fighting false information, verifying images and finding the geographical location where the video was recorded.

Section 18, Section Three, of Geneva Convention Mention that: “In any case, they can be The target is a civilian hospital Organized to provide assistance to injured, sick, disabled and postpartum women; The parties to the conflict must always be respected and protected. “So it could be a war crime.

So far, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Deadly prey In the hospital area. However, a video shared by Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky revealed the death toll from the first day of the attack. At least they are 137 killed, Ten of them were agents. Turns out, closer 316 people were injured.

Thousands have fled the country Take refuge Such as in neighboring countries Poland Or Hungary. Meanwhile, thousands more took refuge Underground place As Subway.

United States Made it clear that his Soldiers Deployed in Eastern Europe to help countries strengthen their military NATOBut They will not fight in Ukraine.

The Military attack Russia has given rise to uncertainty in the international community on such a large scale. For his part, the President of Ukraine has confirmed that he has been left alone in this war.

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