Former footballer Edison Mendez Temporarily joined Coaching staff Of the Quito League. His presence in the match South American Cup, This was the April 12, 2022, suspicion.

Mendez’s availability for the continental game is subject to approval Conmeable. The Selected Ecuador was not Qualifications Instructions Internationally

East April 12thThat day League Will face AntofagastaIt was announced that ‘Kinito’ Yes you can Alternate bench. Isaac AlvarezPresident of the Economic Commission LDUHe expressed this in a dialogue with her Public FM.

The Lily painting Has received a temporary approval from South American Football Confederation. Them Technical director There may be interim leadership Two Follow South American match against Antofagasta and Defense and Justice.

Previously, DT Renato Piva From Valley is independent Couldn’t stay with his club Libertadores Cup. The reason for this was not seen Requirements Required by Conmeable For technologists UEFA.

The ‘Kinito’ One was already in Comparison With Albos On the seventh day Ligapro. The Meeting He’s finished Victory At its request College photo. His conflict against Antofagasta Will be The second League chief and Fourth In his career as a strategist.

The LDU was without DT after the resignation of Pablo Marini.

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