After abstaining four votes and one vote in favor and after multiple pushes Advice From Management Of Legislature (CAL) A complaint filed against the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Guadalupe Lori (PK), is eligible to be processed, which could remove him.

The Decision This was taken on Monday night, April 11, 2022, in support of the first Vice PresidentVirgilio Saquicela (Ind.), And members Darwin Pereira (PK), Ronny Aleaga (Unes) and Johanna Moreira (ID).

Yesena Guamani (ID), second Vice PresidentEsteban Torres refrained from arguing that an error in the presentation of the complaint should be corrected, Assembly What? Condemnation A I cried Definitely a breach of duty.

The one that was flawed Notarized documents Torres was entered by the legislator as Torres when his proper title was Torres Cobo. The Legal CoordinatorSantiago Salazar has warned legislators at least three times that they cannot move forward and warned that it could lead to criminal sanctions.

However, Sakisela said that Requirements And the rest wasValid“To try to stop the process. Torres sent a chance to correct the mistake. Sakisela He called it a “mistake of good faith.” Neither Llori nor Nathalie Arias (I think) attended the session.

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Back Qualifications This ComplaintThis would be consistent with the plenary to form a commission Multi-party Five Members Llori to investigate.

Torres complains of failing to fulfill functions for not giving way to him Appeal Per Presidency Twice in full and the session resumes.

In the resolution, CAL asked Lori to call the plenary “immediately” to hear the complaint. Multiparty Commission.

In turn, the agency refrained from ruling on the two allegations correism And Gruber Zambrano (former PSC) is against everyone Members Of LimeBecause they have called Prohibition About legal Collision From Interest.

The allegations that Pereira intended to go to a full resolution were not supported, after an analysis Legal party.


Its rating Complaint Against I cried At least I had to get over it Three stumbling. The session lasted about four and a half hours.

Before installing the session, Llori sent an official letter Members Of Lime And asked them to refrain from dealing with the “three allegations” because it conflicts with the interests of all its members, as there are allegations against all its members. Members And that a Criminal charges Against Members Of Lime For the offense of possession and imitation of function in front of the office of the State Attorney General.

To the Secretary Assembly, Carlos Iglesias, took a little over half an hour to read the document. In the end Lime Didn’t stop. The first member of the organization, Darwin Pereira, responded that this was a “law”.

“She is OK Let’s try this It is Complete, That we do not treat here, do we bring Mars for treatment ?! It lacks respect for the country. It’s insulting. Either way, try to expand anyway Stupidity A paper that holds everything in order Complaint“, Said.

When the second problem was identified Legal CoordinatorSantiago Salazar has warned of a mistake in the title of CAL Whistle blower assembly. The session was adjourned for half an hour.

The officer warned before concluding the speech Ronnie Alega He will file charges against her for calling her “spoken” in the middle of that session. Pereira says Salazar no longer enjoys it Confidence Of Lime.

Others Stagnation The incident took place when Jessena Guamani reprimanded her co-accused Johanna Morera for voting for eligibility. Complaints Against I criedContrary to ID’s decision. Morera says he didn’t Call From Leaders Of Match For Vote.

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