By Enock Okong’o

The residents of South Mugirango Constituency have been asked to separate political issues with matters that touch educational development in the area.

Speaking at Boikang’a Ward, area MP Sylvanus Osoro told off his critics who were speculating about his support for Form One to enroll in secondary schools of their choice.

The MP promised last month that his NG-CDF would pay first term school fees for all form ones students across the constituency.

However, his promise was received with doubts and criticisms by his opponents but it came to pass on Friday when he presided over the issuance of phase one cheques to the beneficiaries.

During the occasion that was witnessed by the parents and guardians of the beneficiaries, Osoro narrated with nostalgia how he almost missed going to school when he was young because of lack of fees but promised not to see any student suffer the way he did.

“I know of what being an orphaned child means and I would not like any of these disadvantaged young ones to suffer when I am able to support them with the government’s money placed in my hands money,” said the legislator.

He informed the parents and guardians of the beneficiaries to work in liaison with the principals of their respective schools and provide other basic requirements of learning to the new learners.

He asked his NG-CDF Committee Members to quicken the processing of the remaining cheques and distribute them to other wards.

The MP asked those wards whose applicants have not received the Education Bursary awards to be patient because the process takes place in phases that will be over by the end of this month.

“Today we are at Boikang’a Ward and tomorrow or another day we shall be at another ward and the other until we complete the circle,” he promised.

At Boikang’a Ward, 1,500 pupils benefited from the NG-CDF money. Each beneficiary received Sh8,000 that came to a total of Sh12 million.

Osoro, who is seeking his second term for the South Mugirango parliamentary seat, asked the Kisii County Governor James Ongwae to supplement the bursaries with Couty funds.

He said that he had heard parents complaining about the suspension of education bursary funds from the county government for the last three years.

“If there are funds, I request the governor to hear the cries of these needy parents,” he said.

The outspoken MP asked all MCAs from the county to explain if the money was remitted from the Governor’s office then help the parents to reduce the burden in the payment of school fees for their children.

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