Referential image. Since last Monday, 16 May, the trade integration agreement between Ecuador and Chile has come into force Photo: Fripik

The Agreement Trade integration between Ecuador and Chile (ACE75) Comes into force after two years ConversationThis Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Humanitarian Mobility reported.

A Foreign Ministry source indicated that the agreement was signed in August 2020 and came into force on Monday, May 16. To achieve this goal, trade talks with Chile began in 2019 within the framework of the expansion and deepening of the pre-existing economic complementary agreement. # 65According to a statement.

He added that to date, more 90% Ecuador and Chile trade LiberalizedAnd noted that Chile has historically been an important destination for Ecuadorian exports.

Among the major Ecuadorian products on the market Petroleum, Bananas, canned fish. Also made of shrimp, leather, plastic and rubber, pineapple, Fruit juice and preservationMade from banana, cocoa and natural flowers.

Details of the contract

Agreement n is characterized by inclusionNew discipline Considered sophisticated. Such as trade facilitation, regulatory aspects, gender, small, medium and large enterprises (MSME), As well as environmental and labor issues ”.

“This device brings the country closer to a traditional trading partner and, in turn, takes Ecuador’s accession to the Pacific Alliance one step further,” he said.

Last December, Ecuador’s president, Guillermo Lasso, said he hoped his country would become a full member of the Pacific Alliance this year.

“I cannot fail to ignore the Colombian leadership Pacific AllianceIn which we expect to be a state party as early as 2022 L, Lasso told Cartagena de Indias then, where he had a meeting with his Colombian counterpart, Evan Duke.

There will be a new agreement with Mexico

Lasso then added that, that last, was moving forward with Ecuador Free trade agreement With Mexico. “We expect to finish this in the first quarter so that by the first half of 2022 we can be a full-fledged part of the Pacific Alliance.”

For Next week The final round of talks is set to conclude a trade agreement between Ecuador and Mexico, which is a prerequisite for the Andean country to enter the Pacific Alliance.

The Pacific Alliance is a regional integration process created in 2011 by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. This Ecuador has the status of observer and wants to be the fifth full member.

One of Lasso’s great goals is to consolidate Ecuador’s entry into the Pacific Alliance, which will celebrate one year in power next week.

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