Gabriel Boric and two Colombian activists are among the most influential people in Time Magazine in 2022. Photo: EFE

The President of Chile, Gabriel BoriC, and Colombian workers Its protector Abortion Christina Villarreal Y. Anna Christina Gonzalez 100 personalities are listed The most influential This is Time Magazine in 2022. According to the publication of the medium on Monday, May 23, personalities are different in the list worldwide.

Hispanics are also included in Time magazine’s most influential list Colombian businessman David Velez And leaders Sonia Guazara, a native of Brazil, As well as Rafael Nadal, Spanish tennis player Already accustomed to appear on the list of the most outstanding characters or athletes.

In its profile Boric -Which is displayed Category “Leader”-, signed by Nobel laureate in economics Joseph StiglitzIt stands to reason that his sonic victory President of Chile. According to experts, “this represents a change in the guard, but more importantly: it marks a change in the direction of the economy. Pepper And probably the world.

Stiglitz mentions how Boric knows how to demonstrate communication skills, empathy and a deep understanding of Chilean history and culture. With all this, “he is again turning Chile into a world laboratory.”

References to Colombia and Brazil

In the “Pioneer” section Christina Villarreal Y. Anna Christina Gonzalez. Recent references describe those who have been able to move a country as “bright”, “full of infinite patience, conviction and passionate commitment”. Colombia Criminal Law Of Abortion In the first 24 weeks.

What Villarreal and Gonzalez have achieved so far is reflected in his profile Empowerment Those Women Such as in different countries America Is Poland Because it sends a message of international solidarity.

Included in the “Pioneer” section Indigenous leader Sonia GuazaraWho has become a candidate Vice President From Brazil For Socialism and the Freedom Party in the 2018 elections; It is defined as “a” Resistant“Against him SexualityAgainst Swearing From LocalAgainst neo-liberalism and against the President Zaire Balsonaro.

In “InventorThe name appears David Village,Banker And benevolent ”Colombian, its creator Nubank Bank. Signed by your profile President Evan Duck, Who said that while many leaders want to improve the planet, “the village has already done it.” His leading digital banking company is “the leader of this generation of Colombians who dream big,” the president said.

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