In a new Report Presented to the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE), the Minister of Health, Jimena Garzin, stated on April 12, 2022 that the situation Extreme Of Covid-19 In Ecuador it is on the right track.

Index choice Infection, Hospital professionDeath and viral positivity continue to decline.

This official explained that Epidemic Week 14 A total of 1,395 confirmed cases, including PCR tests, have been reported across the country. Of these, only 302 needed treatment.

“Not only has the number of cases decreased, it has also decreased,” said the health chief.

He insisted that Vaccine It is the best shield to deal with the epidemic and calls for citizens to continue vaccinating.

Vaccine card update

In this context, Garzon declared that a Update Of Lines For presentation Vaccine card.

From Monday, April 18, this update will be required with the presentation of documents The third dose For Unnecessary activitiesThat is, public places such as shopping malls, movies, restaurants.

Vaccination card or certificate is presented Compulsory After a resolution in the country from December 2021 National COE.

To enter Ecuador, on the other hand, the Guardian says Amount Vaccination activities at the place of origin of passengers depend on how they are available.

For them, the mandatory nature of the card is maintained with two doses or one Negative PCR test Including a maximum of 72 hours.

Decision for vacation

On his behalf, the agency’s president, Juan Zapata, says Ecuador is in the best of health. Extreme And approved Measurement Which have been taken.

Owner of it COE Remember for that Holidays From Holy Week Don’t stay there Restricted arrangements Mobility or Power Which should not be more than 100%.

He further directed that it be complied with Compulsory From Presentation Of Meat Updated, Municipalities were requested to perform it Controls Unnecessary position. “We must be motivated to vaccinate,” he said.

Facing a new holiday, Zapata emphasizes that Population Care must be taken Mask Maintain 5% positivity. He announced that health data would be analyzed on May 3 and that the use of face masks would be withdrawn if they continued to decline. Open space.

“We need this large concentration that we are going to do, which will bring together more than 800,000 people, to take care of these indicators and continue wearing masks as an essential requirement to continue reactivation,” the official said.

In this sense, Father Jose Asimbaya, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Quito, Trustworthy The presence of Catholics Procession Wearing a mask.

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