Guas Transit Commission agents (CTE) This Friday, February 25, 2022, control activities for the carnival holiday in the state road network under their charge began. They were stationed in Guayaquil chongonAt the exit from the coastal road.

With funny characters and a wrecked car on top Crane They urge drivers to abide by the traffic rules.

Ecu 911 of Zones 5 and 8 reported this Friday the 25th that the state roads of the provinces Guass, Santa Elena, Los Rios and Galapagos The same thing happened on the roads of Santo Domingo, Manabi and El Oro.

Due to the landslide only one road in the province of Esmeraldas is partially open. El Cabgen-Los Puentes Sector. According to the central Ecu 911 headquarters, a traffic lane was enabled for light vehicles.

Contagious to Guas and Santa Elena

CTE Commander Sandra Cornejo indicated that the purpose of the Chongqing toll campaign was to strengthen and reduce security. Accident rate On inter-provincial transport buses on the track, agents controlled the use of masks.

“We have 4,185 troops for operational control of the holidays in the provinces under our jurisdiction,” said Sandra Cornejo, CTE’s commander.

The organization against the state network The road Of its provinces Guas, Manabi, El Oro, Santo Domingo, Santa Elena, Los Rios and Ajua.

They have been deployed on Guayaquil-General Villamill Place Road in Guayaquil. 280 wearing uniforms And to take turns in the province of Santa Elena, 380 agents were hired.

Cornejo asked to coordinate the return time from the beach to Guayaquil at the end of the holiday, to avoid traffic jams at altitude. Parish ProgressWhere there has been a problem of high traffic flow in the recent weekend

Guayaquil’s Terrestrial Terminal registered a great movement from this 25th Friday Tourists Leave town for carnival holidays. The terminal is expected to accommodate more than 200,000 passengers on a festival bridge that will run until Tuesday, March 1.

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