National Telecommunication Corporation (CNT) Will expand Suspension Of The coercive process Until April 15, 2022. That was initially planned Reconsideration Of Case Presented closing Monday, February 28th.

CNT reported this Friday, February 25, in a statement that the purpose of the measurement Participation The Complete Of Complaint Filed by customers for alleged loans and irregular charges.

Ralph Suestegui, the company’s general manager, announced the extension after signing a resolution stating that, among other arguments, state-owned companies continue to receive complaints from its customers. Between January and February, the state agency received 2,161 complaints of coercion.

Suestegui indicated that the new term would serve not only to review all cases for special personnel, but also to verify three essential elements: the coercive mechanisms that support the documentary for their applicability; That CNT archive took the necessary measures so that the whole Documentation Will be available digitally.

The third point is that due to the lack of physical or magnetic documentation and the allegations of signature forgery in the document for the provision of CNT services, the guidelines for attention, claim resolution and refund will be reformed. .

During the first period of suspension, in January and February of this year, CNT received 3,480 complaints regarding coercive and extrajudicial proceedings, of which 3,406 were resolved and settled, equivalent to 98% of all cases, the telephone company said. Status.

According to CNT, analyzes of more than 37,000 clients between 2001 and 2021 revealed inconsistent data. Since that same period, the managed portfolio has exceeded USD 116 million

The company opens WhatsApp line 096 231 6800 to give national attention to coercive processes. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 21:00.

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