Its president said National Court of Justice (CNJ), Evan SakiselaRequest Judicial Council Still Office of the Attorney General of the State Investigate and take action against the actions of the judges Diego Moscow Y. Peter Morera. This was confirmed by CNJ this Sunday, April 24, 2022.

Sakisela’s request was sent to the Judiciary this Saturday, April 23, 2022. In the communication, the head of CNJ requested that Judge Diego Javier Moscoso Sedeno, who has resolved the habeas corpus action no. 00500 ”.

Moscoso is a judge Versatile unit From Tall mangrovesInside St. HelenThe former vice president granted this asset George Glass Last April 9. Within 10 days, Glass got out of the Cotopaxi prison. There are three verdicts against him, two applicable: for Illegal intercourse Y. Bribery. Third, for GuessAn appeal is pending. The hearing will be held on May 11.

Judge of the Specialized Judicial Unit of the Morera Penitentiary Guarantee Guas. In his oral decision on April 20, he partially granted the habeas corpus Junior Roldan PeredesAlias ​​’JR’, one of the so-called leaders of this cycle Chonerros. But in a written notice dated April 22, he ordered Roldan to be released from prison and transferred to his home. Victory.

In the wake of this legal action, Sakisela also requested the state attorney general, Diana SalazarThat “if it finds eligibility, investigate the behavior of all judicial officers who have worked around the information related to the aforementioned procedures.”

The president of the CNJ considers that, if “there is a substance to his involvement in a criminal offense commission”, the prosecutor’s office must act “within the framework of its powers, with all the rigors of law.”

According to CNJ, “the principle of unlimited defense of judicial independence, the pinnacle of our democracy, as well as the fight against judicial arbitrariness and corruption, promises timely and exceptional behavior.”

It rejects behavior that “undermines the institutionalization of judicial work, but above all, violates legal certainty, effective judicial protection and the right of Ecuadorians to a dignified, independent and peaceful life.”

Judicial activities

For its part, the Justice Department stated that, as of April 10, 2022, Department of Transparency Judge Moscoso opened an investigation.

Its multi-skilled judges are also under investigation Tall mangroves, Erica Moriel. On April 20, he received and ordered a writ of habeas corpus Immediate independence Of a citizen DutchHe was arrested on April 2 this year Interpol Red Broadcast.

If the alleged irregularities in the conduct of the judges are confirmed, the appropriate authority will establish an approval. It can be minor (fine or written reprimand), serious (suspension) and very serious (dismissal).

To address these issues precisely, President Guillermo Lasso called on the judiciary to meet on April 24, 2022 in Guayaquil.

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