The Commission From Inspection Will send one Search From Attorney State General, Inigo SalvadorTo decide whether to continue with the evidence Impeachment Four members of the National Electoral Council (CNE)

The proposal was unanimously approved this Saturday, May 7, 2022 after the Commissioners heard the request. Interpellation Of course Violation From FunctionWhich is represented by Jewel planting Y. Mario RuizIts assembly members Five-legged.

The purpose is to acquit the attorney Legal advice In this table on the application of Article 19 Electoral lawWhich a Impeachment In the middle of an electoral process.

The Debate Arises because the said article refers to the “electoral process”, when 5 February CNE Announced The beginning Of “Election periodFor the 2023 departmental elections.

I reached out to themImpeachment

So the vice-president of the commission. Anna Belen Cordero (I think), Indicating that the processing of the interpellation request will be suspended “until the Attorney General issues his mandatory statement.”

The assemblyman, Bruno Segovia, who was part of the Pachaukutik, was one of those who voted in favor of the referendum, although he noted that the election authorities must answer the accusers. Irregularities Upstairs Last presidential second roundWhich was condemned by the former president Yaku Perez.

“A consultation with the Attorney General is healthy, regardless of affection and dissatisfaction,” he noted.

It has something to do with Abad and Ruiz’s request for interpolation Organization The last electoral process. For this reason, they requested the president of CNE to explain, Diana AtamintVice President, Henry PitaConsultant Joseph Cabrera And a former counselor Luis VerdasottoThe current anti-corruption secretary.

Abad refused to withdraw this request for interplanetary, as suggested by correismTo pave the way for the impeachment of four members Citizen Participation Council And social control (CPCs).

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